Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bikes & tattoos

Of all the cities we've visited on our trip, Amsterdam is by far the coolest. It has historic canals, cozy houseboats, hip neighborhoods, creative shops and people who play saxophone in the park. Each day we visit the park, where there always seems to be some sort of celebration going on. And because it doesn't get dark here until almost 11 p.m., the party continues well into the night.

We've been busy exploring Amsterdam on our rented bicycles. Cycling is a main mode of transportation here (there's bike backups at traffic lights and bike racks on every street corner). All of the streets have special bike lanes and crossings (today I saw a motorcycle that had collided with a bike in one). With our attempt at city biking, we've made sure Ediza is safe and secure riding in the front of Amber's bike.

One of our bike-riding missions was to find a tattoo studio, which we found yesterday. I was lucky to get one that afternoon because most tattoo artists here are booked for weeks, if not months. My new tattoo (on the back of my left leg) is of the ancient Sanskrit symbol Om. I guess it should balance out the cross I got tattooed on my right leg during a trip to Europe in college.

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