Friday, April 22, 2011

Exploring the coast

We took a little trip to Monterey earlier this week so thought I'd post some photos. This time around we camped at this great city park with easy access to everything Monterey has to offer. Our friend who lives there, Maggy, set up her VW Vanagon named Brownie for us to camp in. Here's Amber and Ediza in the camper van and Ediza climbing a tree at our campsite.

Monterey is such a family-friendly place with so many fun activities for kids (which I'm in the process of writing about). While at the elaborate Dennis the Menace Playground we were approached by a couple we met in China (he ran the Great Wall Marathon with me). They had just moved to Monterey with their kids four days before. Once again, it's a small world.

Of all the things we did in a short amount of time, Ediza was probably most impressed with the beach. She ran around chasing seagulls and collecting sea shells. We also saw jellyfish, sea lions and lots of hermit crabs in tide pools.

We hope everyone has a great Earth Day today and a Happy Easter this weekend. We'll be having an egg hunt with all of our chicken eggs!