Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Spring update

Thought I'd post some pics from the most recent Strawberry Music Festival (held over Memorial Day weekend). Like the fall festival, I helped build the stage again, and like last spring's festival it was very chilly (even with frozen precipitation again)!

Just before arriving at Strawberry, Ediza graduated from preschool. She started gymnastics class this week to help keep her active during the summer (not that she really needs any help with that).

Memorial Day was mine and Amber's fifth wedding anniversary. Apparently you're supposed to give your spouse something wooden on a fifth anniversary so I stopped at Mountain Sage in Groveland on the way home from Strawberry and bought her a candle holder made out of manzanita. It's made by a talented local artist. Check out his blog at

Amber is still nonstop roller derby. Her team, the High Country Hellcats, continue their 3-0 winning streak. They have another home bout coming up Father's Day weekend.

On the home front, we continue working on projects (inside and out). We now have some llamas living full-time at the ranch!

I'll end with another Strawberry picture (because I think it's funny). Ediza was more traditional with her olive pizza, while Amber was experimental with some tasty pesto pineapple pizza!