Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Battle Wounds

This is a close-up of Amber's leg following a recent roller derby practice. If you notice, the rug burn is in the pattern of her fishnet stockings. Ouch. Amber has been going to roller derby practice three times a week for several weeks now. The local team is called the High Country Hellcats. She's referred to as a "kitten" until she passes a written and skills test and officially joins the team. When not skating, Amber has been playing softball, ultimate frisbee and she even took a belly dance class. Oh, and she just got a new car to take her to all of her practices!

Ediza has been staying busy playing with her friends and attending preschool. Amber and I were just elected to the preschool's Board of Directors, although the future of the school is up in the air due to budget cuts that are forcing the layoff of the school's teacher:(

Lately, I have been doing all kinds of different writing — from a dentist newsletter to travel articles. As part of the cultural exchange I was involved with in India, a group from Delhi was supposed to come here to California in mid-April. The group's leader had a delay in getting his visa and the volcano in Iceland just added to the problem. So we had to cancel our elaborate "welcome to Sonora" party for them this past weekend. Also canceled was yesterday's trip with them to Yosemite. Hopefully they'll arrive by this weekend, when they're expected at a Rotary conference up at Lake Tahoe.