Monday, April 9, 2012

Pirate Derby

Amber kept up with her roller derby during our stay in Maryland. She hooked up with the Baltimore team, Charm City Roller Girls, for a practice. A few days later we discovered the Chesapeake Roller Derby league while at a local coffee shop. She practiced with them three nights in a row and was able to play in their bout on our last night in town.

What made this roller derby different than in California is that it's pirate themed as well as co-ed. Her team, the Rolling Plunder, was able to defeat the Land Hos by one point in sudden death overtime.

Amber will be playing with her regular team, the High Country Hellcats, this Saturday in Sonora (they won the season opener back in February) and at the end of the month in Fresno. Arrrghhh.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Peep Show

The local arts council where my parents live host a fundraiser each spring where different artists and community members make creative designs using Peeps — the brightly-colored marshmallow treats that show up around Easter.

Dubbed the "Peep Show," the exhibit features more than 200 entries with various themes. People purchase tickets to vote for their favorite display. There's even Peep-inspired short movies shown on a big screen and people can buy Peep-related merchandise, including temporary Peep tattoos and cards that say "Give Peeps a Chance" (a play off of "give peace a chance").

Here's some of the wacky entries:

Peepzilla (created by my third-grade teacher)...

Kung Fu Peep (instead of Panda, get it?)...

Several depicted the Lorax...

Would you like a slice of Peeporoni Peepza?

And lets not forget Little Bo Peep...

Oh, and there's one more — Ediza Peep!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

East Coast Easter

We've been staying busy on the East Coast with lots of different outings, including dinner and folk music at Hickory Bridge Farm in Pennsylvania and playing at a children's museum called Port Discovery in Baltimore.

Ediza has gotten an early start on Easter by meeting a couple of different bunnies (including some real ones) and going on egg hunts.

One of the highlights was a trip to Harpers Ferry — the point where Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia meet. The Appalachian Trail goes right through this historic town.

After a short hike on the trail, we walked around the charming town and ate (for dessert I had homemade red velvet cake ice cream!) and shopped (our purchases included blackberry wine and a stuffed llama handmade in Peru). Ediza will be finding the latter gift in her Easter basket!