Friday, July 15, 2011

Fundraising for Antarctica

So this post is about the latest project I'm tackling. Those who know me know that I love a good challenge and my latest one involves fundraising for a nonprofit that does vital research in Antarctica.

Oceanites, a nonprofit based in Maryland (my home state), aims to help conserve the world's oceans, islands and their wildlife by providing an "appreciation of the sensitive connections we humans have to our watery globe." I think it's easy to forget that we really are all connected and what is happening in one part of the globe truly does affect us all.

One-hundred percent of the money I'm raising supports the Antarctic Site Inventory's data collection and analysis — the only project monitoring penguin and seabird populations as well as environmental changes throughout the Antarctic Peninsula. Indeed, Oceanites is the only nonprofit, publicly-supported science project working in Antarctica. My goal is to raise $25,000 for this important cause by Dec. 1.

In exchange for my fundraising efforts, I will be given the opportunity to run a marathon in Antarctica next year. This will help me achieve my larger-scale goal of running a marathon on every continent. I have already completed North America (San Diego Rock n' Roll Marathon) and Asia (Great Wall of China Marathon).

A Boston-based marathon tour company chose myself (and another runner) out of applicants from around the world to participate in this incredible opportunity.

You are able to help me in supporting Oceanites by making a tax-deductible donation either online or by check (please make checks payable to Oceanites). If you can get me a check I will take care of sending it off or you can mail one directly to: Oceanites, P.O. Box 15259, Chevy Chase, MD 20825 (please put my name, Mike Morris, in the memo line of the check).

If donating online, please go to the website and click on "Donate Here" towards the bottom of the home page. That will take you to a page where you enter the donation amount, and then under the section "Select a program to donate to" please choose "Oceanites donation on behalf of marathoner Mike Morris." From there, you just follow the steps to complete the process. You can even use a credit card to donate!

If you're on Facebook, please like my brand new page "Fundraising for Antarctica (help me save penguins & glaciers)" and HELP ME SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT THIS FUNDRAISER (in anyway you can). Feel free to share any ideas or suggestions with me.

Please let me know if you made or plan to make a donation so I can keep track of them. If you are not able to help out financially, please just think good thoughts for me and this effort!